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About us

√ To quote President Ho Chi Minh:

Non Vietnamese river becomes glorious or not, the Vietnamese people get to rub shoulders with the great powers of Europe or not ...This is the teaching for youth and children in Vietnam. This layer descendants Vietnamese people are increasingly striving to achieve abreast of the will. Rub shoulders - rub shoulders ... collective concern that officials and company employees VICERA proposed operational criteria

√ Company VICERA with the investment of nearly 90 billion, is located on a 70,000 m², in Hamlet An Hoa Hoa Loi, Ben Cat District, Binh Duong Province. Tiles - Quartz Vicera are manufactured on highly automated technology line of the B & T - ITALY. Glaze ingredients imported from Italy and Spain, to ensure durable, strict control of product technical standards abrasion, hardness, square, flat color and European standards European (EN177, EN159) through control TTDLCL3.

√ Company VICERA with the team of engineers, skilled technicians, with a dynamic collective solidarity, creativity is the day of hard struggle, because strong brands VICERA.

√ Sample code of tile - quartz VICERA very rich motifs, colorful, beautiful, durable, various sizes European standard quality, particularly scratch-resistant, anti-slip. Each product template brick VICERA is a high-value art, meet the most demanding requirements of our customers.

√ On behalf of all officials and employees Co. VICERA thank all customers, all the agents, colleagues, to thank the people of Vietnam to support and facilitate for development VICERA more.